This Site

There is nothing much here right now. I'm in the process of building this site again using CSS for formatting.

There is heaps of info at the Zen Garden that I've found quite useful in doing this.


About me

The text below is so massively outdated it isn't funny. I've just never gotten around to updating it. If you want to know more about me, read my blog, and check out my photos.

As you've no doubt guessed, my name is Nathan Coad. I've just finished a university degree at Macquarie University, Australia. My degree is a Bachelor of Science majoring in Computing.

I was lucky enough to get a position at CSC in their graduate program as a Server Engineer. Yay!! The 1 hour travel each way takes a little of the edge off my joy, but I'm sure I'll get used to it.

I have commercial experience as a 2nd level server support technician, a Microsoft Access developer, and as a Helpdesk consultant.

Programming languages I regularly use are perl and html. I'm also proficient in the use of c++, sql and Visual Basic.

I enjoy playing the piano, playing squash, reading, listening to music, taking photos with my (now very old) digital camera, and pretty much everything involving a computer.

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